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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Self branding - 3D Printing & Embossing

Due to monetary issues, I was unable to hand in finished business cards and finished documents. However this is also due to 'benefitting me in the long-term'.  For my business cards, I'd designed exactly what I wanted and where I wanted elements composing, But I'm ordering stock from evolution print or moo, from these I will order a batch of business cards for myself to emboss. using the following embosser I ordered from the company 'Speedy Stamps' 

Furthermore, I wanted to incorporate an element into my self branding that was unique, that hardly anyone will be able to obtain. Therefore I attended a 3D printing business and ordered a photographic 3D model of myself. This will come in handy during the end of year show and my self branding project which is yet to be published among platforms such as behance.

My website is under construction however, it has not been finished because I want my portfolio to be finished to the highest standard possible, this means I'll be developing the photographs for each brief in one day when we finish. With the new and improved photographs I'll be compiling my website impact shots.

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