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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Conversational - Getting in touch/ Evaluation

I'm very happy with the progress I've made during this year professionally, despite everything thats happened to me this year I've still managed to go on a placement in London at Turner Duckworth, who have asked me to return back in July. Furthermore, I have received some very uplifting emails about my work and its quality.

While I was on placement at Turner Duckworth, I was told to try and get as many placements as possible before settling down into a job. I've aimed to secure 6 placements which I've nearly accomplished.

I've been in contact with a multitude of studios and have received more than a response from;
Turner Duckworth (placement)
Big Fish (arranged placement)
Beautiful Meme (arranged placement)
Fuse/Delete (Visiting for interview)
Vast (Offered placement, awaiting response)
Glad (Offered placement, awaiting response)

I cannot blog the emails from these studios because it would be jeopardising privacy etc.

I'm so happy with the responses and interest I've received that I've made it a priority to keep evolving professionally, whether that be to re-do my photographs for my portfolio (which I'm doing) or even buy my own personalised embosser. I've tried to stay on top of this and not let the workload drown out my professional practice.

As of recent I've ordered a 3D printing model of myself to tie into my self branding, I really think this will be a strength in my branding because its such a new technology that many people aren't familiar with it's capabilities. Printing a 3D model of my head and shoulders gives my branding a much more unique and personalised feel.

My portfolio and website are well underway and they'll be completed to the best of my abilities now that I've got the time to fully focus on them.

I've really enjoyed the experience of PPP and think I've managed such success in securing placements because It's personal development, its what I do myself professionally to better my practice. For example; Doing such things as; following portfolio surgeries, noting the name of the interviewer and finding them on Linkedin (allows for open communication and places you better in their mind).

I'm also very happy with the way my End of Year book spread has turned out, while flicking through the book it stands out quite strongly against other pages. I think this is due to the fact that I decided I wanted various impact shots of my work as oppose to photographs of a document or something that just doesn't show any unique talents. Whereas my thinking was to; include photographs that show me as a capable and flexible designer, capable of resolutions across a multitude of businesses.

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