Monday, 10 December 2012

Life's a pitch, The cost of living...

As part of our groups progression, we had to calculate our total income that was required to sustain our current lifestyles, it was an enlightening experience, giving me an insight into how much money is genuinely wasted on 'luxury goods'...

I knew that once I'd calculated my current lifestyle income, I could alter certain figures such as; Rent/ Mortgage, Council tax & Car expenses. Doing this will allow me to see how working and living as an adult would compare to living as a student.

Current cost of living = £20,469 + Annual Holiday costs = £900 = £22,548

To work out my 'daily rate of pay' I needed to add my business expenses to my required income, and then divide this by the number of working days...

£10,000 (Rough estimate of business expenses) +
£22,548 /
233 = 139.690987 / £140 Daily rate

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Life's a Pitch, identity development

As a group we developed mock layouts for our identity through sketches and quick design scrawls, after review I really liked David's design and took it home for further development, I liked the idea of creating a logo for our 'studio' which would sit with the title and could be applied to a set of attributes, creating an identity through letterheads, business cards, promotional items etc.

"The above logotype is quite decorative type with a geometric feel, this will work well for physical installations and 3 dimensional usage of the logotype."

I liked the basis of the initial logo but really thought it needed some enhancements to give it a more professional and representational view of our group. I began by duplicating and altering the order of layers to create some depth.

After some advancements I began trying to create some form of a motif and managed to create a face through rotated 'JEMM' logo's. After scrawling 'Fontsquirrel' I managed to find a font that could be perfect once I'd changed some of its characteristics. 

Azoft Sans

After some thought consideration, I've decided I'll eventually use the logo in various printing methods such as embossing, laser cutting, gold foiling etc, I really think this would be a good idea overall even if the designs are only used for my personal use, they can be added to my portfolio of designs with some progress.

Positioning & colour alterations...

After some group discussion, we felt the design I'd generated was a bit too overcrowded/ complicated to use as an identity so we progressed with the initial design, visualising how it would look in 3D form following on from our E-Flyer...Without any reputation it would be quite hard to understand the design on its own, it could be mis-interpreted and seen to have many meanings, I've aired my opinions on this matter but the groups happy to proceed with it, using the term 'Logo' at its simplest, a signifier of our identity, a recognisable symbol, that with time will become our brand. 

We had the decided logo laser cut, I took a collection home to photograph as you can see below and applied a white varnish to take away the rawness of the wood...

// Keyring: the structure of the lego and visual appeal of its curving shape meant it was good option to develop some key rings...for the final key-rings we really need to think about a solid perspex to use as oppose to the transparent one below which didn't look as clean..

At the moment were still developing our branding and trying to communicate it in the best possible way as oppose to jumping into developing a whole identity, however we are pushing through with some developmental ideas that will be blogged soon...

My alterations and development to the initially chosen design. The design reflects a tribal mask which is a symbol of status.

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