Saturday, 3 August 2013

Personal and Professional Practice 2/ 10 Minute Presentation

I'm unsure why, but while I was decreasing the file size of my PDF to make it accessible on 'Issuu', different parts of my feature designs began to look distorted and as a result the joins on some of the sections don't look perfect. However this is not the case in the original file, as you can see from the screenshot below...
Moreover, some of the larger images also look distorted when they're crystal clear within my own file. This has proven that I should seek alternative methods to uploading or different methods of decreasing file sizes

A Design Presence

Focus / Type Manipulation / Stephen Maher

Theme / Powerful Ideas

Communicate / Illustrative & Branding interests

Idea : design a character through the manipulation of type, i.e. SM logo.

This should not only include my logo, but also signify powerful ideas... while representing my creative interests.

After designing my primary logo of SM, I decided that it was a very cliche approach to simply combine my initials, so sought on creating a logo that was more interesting and had a bit more depth to its communication. 

I used components of my initial logo to create the face of a bear (significant of powerful 'ideas') which I then designed into a badge which could be used among letterheads, envelopes, stamps, business cards etc.

The idea behind my business card was to combine a matte background, with a spot varnished Logo.

To make the business card seem that bit better I designed a potential sleeve for the business card, however I think this is impractical and unnecessary.
Online Presence...

Despite my self identity looking visually pleasing and filling the criteria I set out designing for. I'm not really happy with it, I feel it takes too much emphasis away from my work and contains far too many elements. I aim to rebrand myself in the near future, simplifying my identity, using less colours and creating a stronger conceptual approach.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Communications/ Gaining Work Experience

I've kept these emails for future reference because each one gives me a different insight into how I should approach a work placement and be remembered while I'm there.

I emailed numerous design studios, but I've learnt a valuable lesson, I should create a final self identity/ promotional pack, and send off various examples of work as oppose to relying on email. I suppose the only reason I was holding back in doing this, was the fact that I wasn't entirely happy with my self branding at this moment in time.

I managed to secure a work placement in the marketing sector of DAMMS international, however I've had mitigating circumstances over summer and been hospital bound for a large proportion of my summer so I just haven't had the opportunity to pursue work experience which I'm very disappointed about. 

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