Monday, 26 November 2012

Life's a pitch, Preparatory task


Nathan, David, Jack and myself


JEMM (our middle names, also represents the quality chaps we are).

Areas of Design

Interactive/User Experience

Who For?

Private Sector - Creative Industries
Wholesale and Retail / Hotels and Restaurants / Transport, storage and communications / Publishing / Music / Radio / Television


As a starting point for designing we needed to develop an identity for our group, After some discussion we came up with the idea of developing some typefaces and logo designs but really thought we should try and be as creative as possible and try something different instead of completely relying on digital work

For the installation we had alot of different ideas:
- hanging gems from the ceiling and hanging the name - JEMM in between these to create a 3D hanging installation.
- photograph the gems as above but overlay the logo on top in grayscale.
- make large scale gems and use them as a hat for each person within the group who would hold their initial to make the name JEMM in the photo
- have the name JEMM cut out 3D and all the cut out gems around it

On the final photograph we all had our inputs and developed a final that we were all happy with and thought communicated enough as a introduction to our services. On the following photographs I personally added effects to see what sort of attitudes I could create using the shadow as a focus.

Final Photograph // E-Flyer.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Creative Industries - Johns task

Task 1

Identify 5 companies/ studios which you consider potentially synergetic to you personally. Write a short explanatory paragraph and reasons for each.

  • I've known about this agency ever since I came across the work of 'Mysterious Al', I was so inspired by what he'd done and who he'd worked for that I took it upon myself to see every one of his projects. He was dealing with big brands, brands such as; Volvo, Levi's, Orange, Carhartt & Adidas. Working for companies such as Adidas Originals would literally be a dream come true, I really love the diversity of their work and think my design direction could be synergised with their ethos. As soon as I'd seen his clientele, I knew I had to find the design agency! And so I did.
  • The quirkiness and cockiness of Snask really sum up todays generation of designers and their full front approach to designing makes them what they are! it's all these features that make Snask seem like such a great place to work. A-swell as their 10 point manifesto!
  • Looking more at the Corporate side of design, Saatchi & Saatchi really boast an extensive list of designers. I'd be lying if I said Money wasn't a motivator, and the fact that this agency works with 6 of the top 10, 50 global advertisers, really says something. Looking at their clients has made it evident that what they do isn't about creativity but about global appeal.
  •!home/mainPage I don't think there could be any design agency more suited to my current design direction, hosting & boasting; Illustration, Street-Art, Photography & Graphic Design! Everything from the aesthetics of the website to the look of their creative team really appeals to me, and thats before I've even mentioned their portfolio!
  • A London based agency who I managed to come across through their unique project by Serial cut. The project was so in-depth and developed to such a high standard, that I couldn't not look more into it. There a perfect example of successful collaborative work.
  • The whole layout and functionality of the website is instantly encapsulating, Really love their approach to design work, I wouldn't say it's unique but its definitely done to standards I aspire to

Task 2

Identify the top choice and WHY you feel that they may have synergy with your practice now, or in the near future.

The design agency 'Poke' based in London. The reason; Not only is their work; bold, colourful and most importantly suitable but it demonstrates different approaches to creativity and I could really see myself loving the environment, When I think about myself as a designer...there isn't a specific style I adhere to, with every brief, the similarities are completely vague. Despite this, they're all linked through a sense of personality, and it's this point that makes POKE stand out against other agencies. A subtle personality.

Task 3

Is your choice based on; Location/ Direction of Practice/ The Brand Philosophy/ Client base...


Now that you have identified initially these studios you feel synergy with. Please list methods you could utilise to contact them.

Make sure every action causes a positive reaction, making sure every step I take towards my goals is creatively thought out e.g.
- Instead of just adding to their emails, think of an alternative method that promotes yourself more than others. (Personality)
- Think of ways your most likely to get through to them, flying pigeons, takeaway pizzas etc.
- Get noticed, wait around, come back, come back again, wait around some more.
- Phone up and try and arrange a meeting, anything that gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a designer.
- Take a more personal approach, write a quirky (but not arrogant!) letter, supplying them with a business card and your areas of speciality.
- I'm a designer, they're a designer...ask them what they think of my work. If anything this will at least provide a benchmark of practice for future designs.

*I haven't used this resource as of yet but it could become useful for future reference...

Identify 3 Strengths; Determination, Intelligence, Creative abilities

Identify 3 Weaknesses; Just because I know what I'm doing, doesn't mean others always will, I sometimes become too involved with a design and lose focus of its communication. Improving the efficiency of my time management. Getting the perfect balance between my personal life and educational aspirations.

Identify 3 Main goals; To build various relationships with people already in the creative industries. Promote myself. Network more.

Identify 3 Wishes; To work abroad at one of the headquarters of Adidas Originals. To become successful at what I love. To do something everyone else wished they would of done.

(Always think about;
  • WHO they are/who are you?
  • WHY you are contacting them and why they should listen?
  • WHAT do you want them to do next and what do you actually want?
  • WHY should they come back to you?)

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