Monday, 10 October 2011

System Kings

I was inspired by their work because it's effective in a number of ways, not only could it be used for multiple purposes, such as; t-shirt design, advertising, branding etc but it also appeals to a broad range of target audiences. The characters are perfectly proportioned, but the excitement lies within them, vibrant colours and a theme of nature (rainbows, valleys) is consistent within each design.

In this range of designs, the emphasis has moved away from nature and is possibly concentrating more on their bodily features, which are suggestive of a robots. Maybe this is the reason for the duller colour scheme?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

MagPie Studio

The thought process behind each of these designs is very thorough, making them so exciting aesthetically.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Graphic Masterpieces

As ongoing investigation I've decided to look at precise and detailed fonts, these could serve multipal purposes in my future work.

Monday, 26 September 2011

What is Graphic Design - Part One, Study task 2

Using the online resources that you have been introduced to in the lecture studio workshop and with reference to the quotes used in the 'What is Graphic Design - Part 1' Presentation..
  • Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design appearing in different contexts

    Logo Development (SwissAir)
    The simplicity and shape concentrated approach gives the design that everlasting retro effect.

    Event Advertising (MTV MusicStack)
    What makes this design so appealing is the effort and time, spent digitally creating every aspect in such detail.

    Package Design (earBudeez)
    A clever and unique way of packaging.

    Representation (Romeo&Juliet)
    A whole story simplified into 3simple designs.

    T-Shirt design (Hidden Moves)
    They appear to have taken a more unique approach to collaging, as oppose to using different materials, textures and characters in a rugged way. They've succeeded in creating one full character, made of many different elements.
  • Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design performing different functions

  • Entertainment (Kanye West) 
    Combining both typographic design, illustration and motion graphics, into a well stitched music video.


      Promotion (Absolut Vodka)
      I think Absolut take the prize when it comes to creative advertising, Producing hundreds of different designs for their products, each appealing to a certain audience.

      Propaganda (OBEY)
      Shepard Faireys' controversial piece gained huge publicity, serving his purpose and it's function at the same time, to be noticed.

      Informing an Audience
      A funny but memorable approach to demonstrating gender.

  • Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design produced using different media

A creative approach, I love the way it's been edited to the point that there are no flaws in the joining of its limbs.

Painting techniques.
The German illustrator Richt, creates scenic designs that are enjoyable to look at, and leave the audience creating their own story to fit the picture.

Stencil Art.
Once completed a stencil can be quickly sprayed, revealing a huge amount of detail in a matter of minutes, giving your work more publicity than if it was printed on A3.

I love the vintage style of this poster and the success of its proportions, making the chessboard almost 3D.

The upbeat aesthetics of the design make it perfect for its TMG.

  • Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design produced at different scales

    Projection Advertising (Nike)
    Projection advertising can be a very useful and creative tool, appearing at night time, almost forcing people to see their advertisement.

    Carrier Bag (Stop'n'grow)
    Even the carrier bag successfully demonstrates its product, seeing the design for a split second, instantly tells you that its concerned with biting your nails.

    Window Display (Apple)
    Revealed before the release of the new Ipod Nano, creating a stir and excitement among customers, giving the impression that people were so desperate to get the product, that they'd go to the lengths of breaking and entering.

    Business Card (Google)
    A small piece of information that makes a lasting impression.

    A3 Print (Richt)
    What makes this design so appealing is its use of colour, surrounding a dark, detailed character.
  • Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design delivering different types of messages

Modern, comical remakes of the classical War time posters.

Charity campaign, Give a helping hand.
What makes the campaign so effective, is the uniqueness and creativity of the ad, combining both the 'helping hand' and issue of animals, into one image.

Promotion, using a Simple yet effective style.
Representing the film using its core components.

Controversial (Banksy)
The designs deliever huge messages to the public, for e.g. Let them eat crack, concerns the crack epidemic in the 80's specifically among the impoverished so I'm assuming its about corporate greed.

Fashion, Iconic (Milton Glaser)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why Am I Here? - What Do I Want to Learn

Identify and explain five reasons why you chose to study on this programme...

1. The course has a reputation for producing a very high standard of work, meaning the competition would be very high, this would spur me too produce something better.
2. The university had over 500 applicants, and only 50 places. It speaks for itself.
3. The course structure is very intense, meaning I'd be constantly developing myself as a Designer through various challenges.
4. I want to develop/find my own unique style, that I can put MY label on. The only way to do this is by experimenting with different aspects of design.
5. To become a professional designer, I would have to organise my time and become prepared for what awaits after university.

Identify and explain five things that you want to learn during your time on the programme...

1. I want too use the equipment and software effectively, broadening my understanding of programmes such as Illustrator, I'd like to know the most suitable programme to use depending on the aspect of design I'm approaching.
2. A better knowledge of Graphic Design outside educational grounds
3. How to deliver a concept with effect, infront of a large audience. This skill would be very useful in later life.
4. How to network myself successfully, using all the resources possible to get noticed, building a foundation of contacts.
5. Combining two methods of Design, for example: Silk screening and Foiling, I'd love to be able to create a professional piece made up of numerous layers and colour tones.

Identify and explain 5 skills that you think are your strengths

1. Using Illustration within my designs, I tend to work with medium sized fine liners, creating bold lines, using them to emphasise and create depth to my images. 
2. Working within Photoshop, I've tried multiple Photoshop tutorials, and have been using the software for a while, a large proportion of my work is done through this programme & I feel I can use the software effectively to portray my ideas.
3. Layout/ Page design is something I have always tried to execute in my work, a good layout can make the poorest design look appealing.
4. Perfectionist, I won't finish a piece of work until it looks exactly right.
5. Photography, exploring and experimenting with the strangest shots can sometimes result in the best outcomes when brought into certain designs.

Identify and explain 5 things you want to improve 

1. Time management, I always complete my work, however I'd like to manage my time better for further development, this should result in better developed designs.
2. My knowledge and understanding of other designers could be greater, I know various famous designers, but I'd like to discover more underground designers.
3. The detail of my illustrations, thinking more 'out of the box' should create some new and interesting detail.
4. My skills in Adobe Illustrator, this means creating typefaces etc
5. My experimentation in the Practical side of Graphic Design, such as; Package Design and Screen printing.

Identify 5 questions that you want to find the answer to

1. What's the most successful way of Branding and Promoting myself as a Designer?
2. How can I make the most money possible as a Graphic Designer?
3. How can I get myself into the best work placements?
4. How do you create your own digital typefaces?
5. How do you create a detailed website?

Identify and explain 5 ways that you will evaluate your progress

1. Embracing constructive criticism and acting on it.
2. Using the Moodle forums and other blogging sites, talking to others about ideas and personal work.
3. Feedback from my peers, through peer assessment and reviews.
4. Talking to practicing professionals and using opportunities such as; work placement, to see how my methods of action compare to theirs. 
5. Looking back over my previous work, observing where I've improved, and where needs to be improved.

Monday, 19 September 2011

5 Personal attributes & 5 Professional traits

As part of a class task, we were asked to create TWO advertisements to 'Sell' ourselves. The first one was 'Sell yourself as a person' and the second one was 'Sell yourself as a designer'.

  • Perfectionist
  • Tidy
  • Understands other opinions
  • Trustworthy
  • Focused 
  • Commited
  • Hard working
  • Willing too listen
  • Organised
  • Good time management

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